A Handyman is someone who is "handy". Dictionary definitions of the word include "skillful with the use of one's hands" and "convenient, nearby or easily reached." Both of these definitions describe a handyman perfectly. When you have a job or jobs that require the services of someone who has a multitude of manual skills and who is available on short notice, you need a handyman.

 What Jobs Can a Handyman Do?

The list of jobs a handyman cannot do is much shorter than the list of jobs a handyman cannot do. A handyman cannot do the following jobs unless he or she has the requisite legal trade qualifications and licenses:
· Plumbing: Most plumbing jobs must be done by a licensed plumber.
· Electricity: Electrical wiring and other specialist electrical work must be carried
  out by a licensed electrician.
· Gasfitting: A licensed plumber/gas fitter must do your gasfitting work for you.

As a general rule, you call on a handyman to do all those "little" jobs around the house you can't do yourself. Just a few of them include:
· Painting
· Wall hangings
· Cleaning
· Gardening
· Carpentry






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