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Ir. Abdul Ghapar Bin Ahmad


18th October, 1969 in Pematang Buloh, Alor Setar, kedah


~Sek Rendah SK Pmtg Buloh, Kota sarang Semut 1976-1981
~Sek Men Teknik Alor Setar (1985-1986)
~Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Upper Second Class Honours) from 1987 to 1992
~Unversiti Sains Malaysia - Master of Science in Project Management - 1999-2000
~Professional Engineer (Ir) by the Board of Engineers Malaysia-1998 and a Corporate Member of BEM and IEM


~In the year 1992-1993 - Served With Younger Contractor Jaya Const. PT. Limited. UEM as planing Engineer
~In Year 1993-1994 Working as a Designer Consultant for Civil and Structural Engineer units at Bersatu Sdn. Bhd.
~Sept 1. 1994 - December 2002 Serving with Perlis Works Department For Planning & Design Engineer
~December 16, 2002 Serving denganKolej Engineering University Utara Malaysia (KUKUM) As a Senior Engineer (J48)

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