Speech From Director

Assalamualaikum and greetings.

I am deeply honored and grateful to Allah SWT for having given me the trust to carry out the responsibilities as the director in this department.


The substantial expansion of technological progress in various aspects of development and services requires a strong and advanced establishment. Therefore, The Development Department was established to function as a main support system and foundation for the extensive development of a dynamic and sophisticated education center.


The obligation to provide essential and vital development, maintenance and services are important to ensure the establishment and realization of excellence in the teaching and learning system. Furthermore, providing crucial learning requirements and effective maintenance are required to ensure that the facilities and infrastructure that are built can always be utilised to its optimal level and sustainable over the years.


Hopefully, our unduly commitment and efforts will bring this organization to the peak of success and excellence. Best wishes.


Prof. Madya Mazelan Bin Abdul Hamid

(Director of Development)

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