6.2          Water consumption per person

6.2.1      "Measure the total volume of water used in the university that is taken from mains supply, desalinated, or extracted from rivers, lakes, or aquifers?"

Whole university

Partial measurement


6.2.2      Water consumption per person "Volume of water used in the university: Inbound (treated/ extracted water)"

Campus population

6.3.1    Waste-water treatment


6.3.4      Water-conscious building standards

Apply building standards to minimise water use

6.3.5      Water-conscious planting

Plant landscapes to minimise water usage. (e.g., use drought-tolerant plants)

6.4.2      Water reuse measurement

Measure the reuse of water across the university

6.5.4      Sustainable water extraction on campus

Where water is extracted (for example from aquifers, lakes, or rivers) utilise sustainable water extraction technologies on associated university grounds on and off campus.
6.3.1 - Sewage Treatment Plant & Network Pumping Station
Tank Aeration Process
6.3.5 - Water Conscious Planting
7.2.2    Upgrade Building to Higher Energy Efficiency
7.2.4    Plan to Reduce Energy Consumption

7.2.2 - Replacement of street lights
7.2.2 - Replacement of LED lights in lecture halls
SST - Street lights
SST - Package 5
8.5          Proportion of employees on secure contracts

Number of employees

Number of employees on contracts of over 24 months

8.5 - List of Contract Workers (Cleaner) 2020-2022
12.2.8   Minimisation policies extended to suppliers

Ensuring these policies extend to outsourced suppliers and the supply chain - (suppliers of equipment, stationary, building contracts)