We are prepared to provide professional services, Efficient,Accurate and Quality to our customers based on five (5) principles;

We pledge to provide the best and excellent services through a dynamic and progressive professional management to ensure our customers' satisfaction based on the the principles which uphold the foundation of our plans.

1. Provide efficient and effective professional services.

2. Give feedback within 24 hours for all damage reports received from customers.

3. Ensure that all damages other than emergency cases are taken action as follows:

    a. Minor damage – 1 week

    b. Major damage - <1 month

    c. Equipment is maintained 3 times a year / every 4 months.

4. Provide and maintain infrastructure, areas, buildings, tools and plants so that they are always in good condition, neat, clean and functional as desired.

5. Ensure that the attitude of modification/upgrade work is managed with full responsibility according to the set time, cost effective and quality that can meet customer satisfaction.